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Client Testimonials

 Wendy is such a good listener, has a lovely manner and knows so many techniques to adapt to you and your own personal situation and personality. I'm not paralysed by fear anymore, I feel energised and more in control - Lara




Karl Dawson, creator of Matrix Reimprinting and Hay House Author

Having completed her EFT and Matrix Reimprinting training with me personally, I have no doubt of Wendy's skills, compassion and ability to help a great many people with their issues. She is a naturally caring and understanding practitioner. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her to resolve your problems and create the life you deserve.
Kate Marillat - Professional Writer
Wendy is one of the most intuitive therapists I know.  She has trained extensively and this is highlighted in the way she works.  I consistently recommend Wendy to friends and family as I'm infinitely grateful for the deep work we have done together.  Wendy Makes a real difference to people's lives. 

Victoria, Surrey.  Testimonial for Wendy Fry:

Having worked with Wendy two years ago I can whole heartedly recommend her services.

I came to Wendy feeling down 90% of the time, knowing there was definitely something wrong but not quite knowing what, or how to fix it. I started as part of a couple seeking help with our relationship which quickly led to individual work on insecurity, anger and drinking. These were all aspects of my life which I believed were a permanent part of my personality and was genuinely shocked when Wendy said “There’s something we can do about that.” That short and simple sentence led to a series of sessions involving hypnotism, EFT and Wendy’s excellent counselling techniques which brought clarity and resolution to many issues from the past.

The effects started immediately and two years later I am still confident and happy.  I feel like I’ve been given a toolkit to recognise and deal with any difficult emotions that arise and have been  described as a positive and happy person -something I would never have believed could happen two years ago.  

The effects of the twelve sessions have been long lasting and without any exaggeration, life changing. I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for the wonderful help that Wendy offers and I sincerely hope that you too take the first step in getting back to the happy person inside you.

Sophie Perry

My coaching with Wendy has been enormously beneficial. I can highly recommend the wide range of services she offers.  It has helped me to gain clarity in so many areas of my life and her wonderful nature makes you feel at ease immediately.  Most of all you can trust that she will give you the tools to go forward in life with whatever your challenges may be.
Wendy is a very good therapist who uses lots of different techniques. The service is very professional and very efficient – not to mention well organised. You will not be disappointed as you can express and deal with anything and any how that's why you are with Wendy. All the materials given are a bonus because you can use such materials/resources in your own time
Mary L

Despite having a successful career and having many achievements to my name I have held myself back by suffering from an 'imposter syndrome'; constantly downplaying my achievements or passing them of as flukes.  In five sessions, Wendy has freed me from these thoughts and feelings by drawing on a combination of techniques which she blended and adapted to suit me.


I was always impressed by how prepared and knowledgeable Wendy was.  She is incredibly perceptive and gets to the heart of the issue quickly.  Wendy went above and beyond what I could have hoped for and has left me with tools and techniques which I can put into future practice.  I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy.  

Having spent the best part of 40+ years trying to avoid anything with buttons my whole wardrobe has now be revolutionised! The hypnotherapy itself was one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced, it is hard to believe that something so simple and enjoyable can really make a change, but it did.  I wholeheartedly recommend Wendy and will definitely use her services again.


It's like the best money I have ever spent, I'm like a completely different person.  Everyone should have a Wendy!


I just want to say a BIG thank you for all of your work with me and constant support, you have helped me more than you realise and I will be forever thankful.


If you want to seriously step up and live a more fulfilling life, then make Wendy your first port of entry.  Wendy brings about intended results.


I'm feeling less tired and stressed, better at relaxing, more mindful.  Wendy is very good at perceiving other people, well organised and nice to work with

Laura Condon

My whole life turned around.  My confidence came back even better.  I actually liked what I saw in the mirror.  My negative thoughts turned into positive thoughts and the word can’t turned to the word can! This is the lady you need in your life.  Any situation that feels like a black cloud can be made into a positive
David Bishop
I am much happier in myself and feel that I now have the ability to do the things I need to in order to achieve my goals.  I have now started to see some results from being able to manage my weight and feel more confident in both my personal and working lives, consequently my self esteem has grown


Wendy is an amazing person to work with, she is so understanding, supportive and motivating and I am so grateful for all her help.

Leah Age 10 

Thank you for helping me I now feel calmer and happier.

Christina Langley

It has worked for me. Wendy is very professional, friendly, caring.

Ash Dosani

Very helpful, encouraging, full of fantastic tips and techniques to overcome phobia and also invaluable help in recommending good books. A cheerful and positive approach and very helpful life coach, also approachable and calm person.


'Just wanted to say Wendy, that my life has really transformed. You are wonderful catalyst for releasing loads of good stuff'


If you need someone to help you gain perspective or focus, Wendy is the lady for the job. She will help you work through your emotions and guide you towards a more positive outcome.

Whilst wendy won't give you the answers-that is ultimately our job, she will help you every step of the way and before you know it, you yourself will have started to unravel the reasons you have been feeling as you do. She will help you take control, again without realising that you are actually in the driving seat.

In the same way that we invest in our outward appearance, I would recommend investing in your emotional wellbeing as it can really impact on all areas of your life and can make a significant difference to you total outlook.


If you have issues that you can’t seem to tackle yourself why not try, I saw huge improvements after only one session

Lorraine Homer

Even if you have doubts try it. It is a safe environment and Wendy is excellent at helping you to see what you want to achieve.  My mind is quieter. I have less doubt, less chatter and more peace in my head and my soul.


The benefits of going are high. Try one session and see for yourself, trust me you will not be sorry.

Leigh age 14

I haven't been arguing with my mum and school has been better.  It really helps and you should try it

June Whitaker

Wendy is a natural, I am very happy with my results of working with her and would always recommend her.  I feel stronger and more able to cope with life.


I was feeling very low, bewildered at the state of my life, with no idea how to change it or even what to change it into. I was desperate for a sense of direction.  coaching helped me see I had  strength and learn how to use it, I also feel much more confident about myself. Life coaching is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I feel like me again and not the miserable, stressed, unconfident mess I had become. 


Life can be hard. If I wanted to be a better cook I would take a class-so why not take a class in how to live better or be a happier person. Life coaching with Wendy has made me a more likeable and loveable person and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their life, or just find a way out of the clouds into the sunshine again.

Mike Maynard

The sessions exceeded my expectations. My internal dialogue has become more positive, I am braver with challenges ahead.  I would say that whatever stage you are at in your life sessions with Wendy Fry make you feel as though you can fly or walk on water.

H .R

"I would recommend Wendy as a Life Coach. I met Wendy several years ago now, at a time in my life when I needed to accept life changing physical and emotional aspects of my life. She is very loving, and has great listening skills and will always allow you to express yourself and help you look into yourself to find the answers. I would definitely recommend her services to you."


''It's been good for me, I'm so glad I went, it can help you too. I'm very happy and feel a better person, my positive side has overtaken my negative side (fantastic)''

N. Francis

A professional approach to life coaching conducted in a relaxed and informal setting. Thoroughly recommended.

S J Caswell

I was feeling low and confused and not knowing where my life was heading, I had lost direction.The coaching sessions have helped me manage my world, I am feeling much more in control.  I am so pleased with the results, I have grown so much and it has helped me ease some pain of the past.


I had no idea what to expect, but if anything it has exceeded my expectations in how it has helped me to help myself and turn my life around.  I've gained confidence in my profession and skills, confidence in meeting girls and finding a relationship


Thank you so much. I am delighted with the results from coaching and ready to tackle life again!'I feel like my life is back on track' I’ve discovered and in some cases rediscovered new strengths and beliefs that I had lost touch with. You really have saved me from myself! I will always remember the warmth, humanity and respect that you showed me. ‘I have found peace within myself and feel fulfilled ‘I will continue to work with the tools that you have given me to improve the quality of life for me and my family.

Stefan Powell-Director-Pinion Performance Ltd

"I could not wait to write this recommendation for Wendy, she is caring compassionate and shows incredible empathy for towards those she works with, without reservation. Providing an atmosphere of openness and trust you find that you have conversations with Wendy that on many occasions you have not been comfortable to have with yourself let alone others. This enables you to let go of some of the emotional charge behind topics and then move forward identifying strategies and approaches that you can use to move forward. An amazing listener and thoughtful coach, she ensures that even the most sensitive of souls, face, challenge and address their fears. Go ask her for 30 minutes of her time, you won't be disappointed..."

I decided to see Wendy through a verbal recommendation, because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted and was sick of floundering around feeling like I was wasting my days.  The beauty of sessions with Wendy is that she allows you to feel that it's ok to be you, however zany you are. I greatly benefited from my sessions, I still feel the effects from them and I would not hesitate to see Wendy again should I feel I need to.


When I first came to see Wendy I was feeling incredibly low and de-motivated. I had had a run of bad luck and could see no reason for that to change. Wendy taught me to look at things far more positively and now I firmly believe that a positive attitude attracts good things to you.

Whilst seeing Wendy I achieved several goals which I had previously thought hopeless. Wendy is not only very professional and good at her job, but an innate kindness and sweetness of spirit shine out from her and this makes it very easy to open up to her. You know that she wants you to succeed and be happy as much as you want it yourself.


It has given me push that I needed-socially, entertaining at home, standing up to my children

Andrea Futcher. Property Manager. Centro

I thought that I was stuck in a situation that I could see no way out of. Wendy increased my positive outlook and decreased my negative thoughts, and focused on what I wanted to achieve. Several challenging goals were set, which I agreed to, and my confidence increased and the unachievable was now turning to the achievable.

I am very pleased to say that at the last life coaching session I announced that not only had I handed in my resignation, but I had also obtained a new career with much sought after promotional prospects. I have achieved what I thought was unachievable.

Wendy had given me her time and expertise; I was not judged but supported and guided and working together, we made my present and future a much happier place to be.


Thanks to my Life Coaching sessions with Wendy, I have managed to change my mind set on how I feel about myself. The reality of being finally able to achieve one of my goals that I set myself was unbelievable, I actually adopted 'a can do attitude'  I have gone from being self critical to realising that I am really important and that I deserve to be treated with respect and that my thoughts should not be disregarded. Since my sessions started, I have managed to achieve several of my goals. I wake up believing in myself a lot more.

Maria. Telephone Counsellor, Bupa

After just six coaching sessions with Wendy, I feel like my life has gone from 'leave me alone' to 'bring it on'. Before I had the coaching, I was in a dark lonely place and didn't know it. Wendy gave me the key to unlock myself, I re-discovered my creative and adventurous self. I feel braver and happier in all areas of my life.

I would recommend coaching with Wendy to anyone who feels something is missing in their life.

Life coaching is far better than I could have imagined. I feel motivated, focused, and very happy. My friends and family have noticed too.

You CAN fullfil your potential!

Lisa Wilson. Proprietor. 'Streakers Hair Salon' Sutton, Surrey

I never would have thought that life coaching could make such a difference. I am so much more confident and aware both personally and at work, it has changed my life so much for the better.

I have experienced change in all areas of my life including my view on things.


I have benefited greatly from my sessions with you Wendy. You have been helping me challenge my negative thinking which was holding me back in my work, relationships and life. You have got me thinking in a new light. 'If I had a wish it would be to have a little Wendy on my shoulder'


I found the sessions very refreshing, I wasn't sure what to expect but it opened my mind to think. I have experienced the greatest change in my health, personally and spiritually. I found your questioning technique the most useful and excellent listening skills which I need the most.

Simon 'Programme Engineer', Planning and Optimisation Dept. Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd

Yesterday’s session was quite a catalyst for me. I love your intro; taking the client ‘within’ and finding out their current emotional state-really works for me personally-makes me feel that you genuinely care about how I’m feeling.

I felt ‘understood which is VERY important to me. I felt at all times that you fully believed in my ability to achieve what I am both driven to do and passionate about doing. I now have a vision for my own company. In summary, I received substantial benefits from the session.

I personally felt you to be very confident and assured in your abilities as a coach. In my honest opinion you are very capable of assisting clients in making positive changes in their life.


Wendy Fry is a gifted listener and a natural at picking up on where your vulnerabilities and strengths lie. She's got a bubbly, caring personality, always ready to motivate you towards your goals and ambitions.

Wendy is a true find if you need some help knowing what to do next in your life, need some motivation, or if you simply want to talk stuff through so they make more sense in your mind! After 4 sessions, you'll feel like the person you always knew you were and just forgot!


I just wanted to write a few words expressing how much I have enjoyed working alongside you this year. From the word go I have found you to be a very inspiring person. I have learnt a lot from you, from how to wake up feeling positive every morning to conquering my public speaking demons (Anchoring) all thanks to you  


Thanks for the sessions, support and encouragement. You have made a big difference to me.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say I found yesterday’s session so helpful. I’ve woken up feeling so much more positive. I also feel more motivated at work today. Thank you again for your help and expertise.  


Because of your help I feel more hopeful about myself and in my ability to be the person that I am. I have more respect for myself so I am choosing to take good care of me. I am treating myself as a best friend from now on!


Thank you so much for your care, empathy, understanding and help over the past few months. You are a very special person. I have come so far because of you.  


Can I say that I think you are a very positive and motivating woman, I think you couldn’t have chosen a better profession


The life coaching I experienced with you over the summer months was the turning point of the year; I’m full of hope, excitement and energy. I am ready for whatever comes my way. Without your support and inspiration it would have just been another year. You made me realise what I’m worth and showed me I can achieve whatever I want, thank you.  


Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Anon age 13 & Parents

Thank you for being there for our son.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and thank you for persuading me to own up to my parents what had been going on for two whole years. Thank you for listening to me when no one else would, if it wasn’t for you, no action would be taken.


It was a joy working with you; you have a way of lifting the spirits, with one email, text or phone call ...a gift.


Thank you for all your help and support through a difficult time for me.


I really enjoyed working with you. Thanks again for help on achieving my goals.


Thanks for all your support

(family support)

Thank you for all your support this year, we couldn’t have managed without you 


Wendy Fry has helped me enormously with some difficult times recently and her gentle questioning and clarification of what I meant, wanted and thought helped me find a way through the mess of thoughts in my mind. Her professionalism was second to none and I looked forward to each meeting (even when challenged to think about things I may not have wanted to!) She has such a passion for helping others and this is evident in every interaction we enjoyed. Wendy’s knowledge and skills are current and her recommendations and suggestions for further reading and self help were invaluable. Thank you


Where do I begin....? I no longer run away from being me. I have learnt things about myself that I never imagined possible. I like myself a whole lot more, I accept myself.  My confidence and self esteem have grown enormously; I learn something new about myself every day. The journey has been truly amazing. Thank you.

Lexie Bebbington Mentor & Coach
Over the past six months I have had the pleasure of working alongside Wendy as her Mentor, whilst she trained to become a fully certified professional Life Coach. Wendy is a dedicated coach, who supports her clients fearlessly. She is able to see who they are capable of being, even when they doubt their own capabilities.

Her warmth, energy, generosity and commitment know no bounds. But don’t be fooled by her warm exterior – she also strongly holds her clients accountable for the changes they want to make, and to live the lives they really want to live.

Wendy asks powerful questions that open up new thinking in her clients. Through working with her, they are able to approach problems in terms of solutions and fear in terms of excitement. Wendy is a coach who will not let go of how she holds her clients, even if they temporarily let go of themselves. This strong, authentic support enables her clients to reach goals that are sometimes far beyond their initial expectations.

If you are fortunate enough to have Wendy as your coach, you will be very fortunate indeed.

Wendy offers her services in person, over the phone or by Skype. Workshops  can be delivered wherever you are.  Wendy has both local and international clients

Most of Wendy's clients come by recommendation of others who have worked with her so please do pass her details on, thank you

I have written permission to share these testimonials from my clients.  Feedback is unique to each person based upon their own individual experiences, background, dedication, desire and motivation to make positive changes in their lives.  They have each taken responsibility to commit to themselves on a program of support that varies between 4-12 sessions (for some more than 12 sessions were accessed depending on their needs) I do not guarantee results this is wholly dependent on the commitment you make to yourself and the process of change when working with me as your facilitator.

Wendy Fry LCH Dip. NLP Dip. HYP Dip. MBIH
Emotional Health, Love and Relationship Consultant