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Fees & Support Programmes

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Investing in yourself is the best investment of all

I'm based in Sutton, Surrey and have both daytime, evening and Saturday appointments.  I am able to offer face to face, Skype and also telephone appointments to suit your individual needs. 
Consultations are £97 and will last for up to 90 minutes

During the consultation you can talk about what's bothering you in more detail, discuss your needs, your history and  your goals for the future.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the services that I offer and how I can support you.  I will also ask questions so that I can find out how I can best meet your needs.  If you decide to continue with support sessions after meeting with me I will be able to work out a plan of action and discuss which of my services (or combined services) will be the most suitable for you to make progress, recommending the best programme and length of support.
All support programmes include copies of Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters, the first in a range of books I have specifically written to improve relationships.
Road to Success
This  5 session support programme will sign post you in the right direction and get you back on track to feeling more positive and  support you in overcoming your current challenges and set backs. 
5 x 90 minute appointments to be taken weekly

Total investment £499 when paying in advance

Because You're Worth It!

This is the second most popular option for clients who want to fast track their way to positive results for those who want effective change and want it now!  The weekly appointments keep you focused and motivated offering you full support when you need it most. These appointments can be blended to include the various services that I offer. 
8 x 90 minute appointments to be taken weekly.
Total investment £699 when paying in advance
12 Steps to Happiness

If you are serious about making lasting change in your life this is the most popular option my clients choose.  This 12 step programme will support you to work through your current issues, setbacks and limiting beliefs guiding you towards a more positive and happier future.  These appointments can be blended to include the various services that I offer. 
12 x 90 minute appointments to be taken weekly. 
Investment £979
VIP Day: A Tailor Made Day For You

After an initial consultation if you feel that you need more time to determine a way forward and access all the services I offer in one go.  I offer this programme from my practice in Sutton, Surrey.  Having a combination of the holistic services will be beneficial to you as we will work on all levels towards moving on from the past and achieving your goals.
The day begins at 10 am and we will work through to 4:30pm with an hour’s break taken as and when you wish throughout the day.  The programme includes tailored resources and a VIP Goody Bag.  
Your investment for the tailor-made VIP Day is £549

Future Life Progression sessions
These appointments last for 90 up to minutes and are £97.  Available in person and over Skype (no consultation needed for this way of working) 
Smoking Cessation 
After an initial 90 minute consultation this is a 2 hour follow up appointment (£299 in total) To be taken within 14 days of the consultation
  • In depth questionnaire related to smoking and becoming a non-smoker (sent after booking and due for completion 7 days in advance of the follow up appointment)

  • Hypnosis to Quit Smoking & Smoking Cessation Back Up CD

  • EFT process and resource to Eliminate Cravings including EFT Tapping Points and Protocol

  • Information related to the Health Benefits of Being a Non-Smoker

Face-to-Face sessions

Face to face sessions are available in Sutton, Surrey.


Telephone and Skype appointments work

Once you have booked your consultation or programme you will call or Skype me at the agreed time.  It is advisable to have to hand a diary, note book and pen, water, tissues and anything else for your own comfort.  The benefits of using telephone or Skype sessions are that they are practical, cost effective and time efficient.  It is convenient and aids you improved concentration as you are in your own home and have all your home comforts to hand. Please note hypnosis is not available via Skype

Between sessions

Tasks and home work/home play assignments will be discussed so that you fully commit to achieving your goals

Bespoke Training and Workshops

Many organisations and individuals now see the benefit of attending workshops or receiving training, whether they be for a few hours or a few days.  I am able to offer bespoke training and workshops based on your needs.  Please make contact providing information of your requirements.


All fees are payable in full at the time of the consultation or in advance of any programme commencing.  Payment options are by direct internet banking, cash or Pay Pal with 5% admin fee (Invoice for companies, 30 day payment terms)   **I do not accept cheques**
Failure to attend a consultation or follow up appointments without 24 hours notice (VIP Days require 7 Days notice) will be charged at the full rate or deducted from your support programme. 

Re-Scheduling or cancelling appointments

If appointments need to be re-scheduled or cancelled, please allow 24 hours notice (7 Days for VIP Days)  Failure to do so will mean that the pre-booked appointment from a programme of appointments is forfeited or is charged to you at the full day or session time appointment rate.  This enables clients on a waiting list to access any appointments that become available.
All programmes of sessions booked are to be taken within the agreed time frame for maximum benefit and results.  Appointments are not transferable to another person and are non-refundable.
Gift Vouchers and Treats

Gift Vouchers are also available, so if there's someone you care about you could change their lives for the better by treating them to a support Programme.
If I feel at anytime an alternative practitioner will better suit your needs or that another professional may be of help to you and work alongside the support sessions you have with me I will advise. 
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Wendy Fry LCH Dip. NLP Dip. HYP Dip. MBIH
Emotional Health, Love and Relationship Consultant