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Mothers and Daughters


Mothers and Daughters: The guide to understanding and transforming the relationship with your mother

It’s a universal truth, we all have a mother.  Whether you want to improve your existing relationship with your mother, come to terms with the past, reconcile differences or find internal resolution to a relationship beyond repair, Mothers and Daughters offers you a space of safety as you work towards understanding yourself and your mother.

A haven to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions and an outlet to experience being understood, supported and heard, whatever your relationship status with your mother, you will find new ways to move beyond your pain and survive the fallout of the mother daughter relationship along with the highs and lows that go with it.

Guiding you to a place where you understand the origins of your conflicts in your relationships with your mother and significant others.  You will discover your unmet childhood needs and desires and  gain insights in how to fulfil them now as an adult by becoming your very own ‘inner mother’.

Firmly grounding you in gaining a strong sense of self you will find new ways of managing your emotions, healing past hurts and overcoming differences using a range of tools and techniques including EFT and The Spotlight Process TM.

Mothers and Daughters provides clear, succinct and straightforward interventions across a range of problems experienced by daughters, offering insights and case studies into the lives of individuals who have experienced difficult relationships with their mothers and the turning points that got them through.

As you understand yourself and your mother in a whole new light, overcoming your ‘mother stuff’ becomes easier when you realise you have everything you need inside to end the struggle, heal the divide and survive and thrive by changing the way you relate to your mother.

Available on amazon UK and .com or contact me direct for a signed copy