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Find YOU Find LOVE Get the the heart of love and relationships using EFT

Find YOU, Find LOVE feature in Daily Express 20th July 2015

The Inspire Show. Vanessa Carter interviewing Wendy Fry about her work and book Find YOU, Find LOVE Aug 2015

If you would like support for love and relationship problems this work is specialised and can be reviewed on my Find YOU, Find LOVE website which will give you additional information of how I can support you and the various love and relationship issues I can help with.

Find YOU, Find LOVE Website




Reader Reviews available on amazon and also here:  

"Wendy has written a highly accessible book that first enables you to turn inwards and experience more self-love and then take this out into the world in your relationships. Her Spotlight Process is a very practical solution to help you overcome your relationship challenges. This is a dynamic book that you will use time and time again, and each time you do, it will deepen your connection with yourself and others."

Sasha Allenby - best selling author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

I am recommending this book to everyone I know whether currently in a relationship, or wanting to be in a relationship with a life partner. It has powerful techniques to release the past emotional pain & transform the future. It is also a great introduction to EFT. When we change our thoughts, we change our lives. Find YOU & Find LOVE will help you to improve your love & relationship challenges.

A. Goncalves

I found Wendy’s book a fascinating read.  It is practical and easy to follow .  I have always looked outside myself for love and happiness in the past.  This book has made me realise we are love and this technique helps to see and move on from our pasts. By using The Spotlight Technique and EFT this is now a possibility for all those looking for love in their lives to achieve this.   Thank you Wendy for this fascinating book

Darlene Stanton

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