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VIP Day - because you know you're worth it

It’s like the best money I have ever spent.  I’m like a completely different person.  Laura

  • Are you overwhelmed? 
  • Feel like you're going round in circles?
  • Stressed?
  • Too much to do and don't know where to start? 
  • Feel like you've lost the plot?
  • Fed up with yourself and the way you look and feel? 
  • Unhappy with your relationships or lack of?
  • Want some help to gain clarity over your life and what you're doing with it?
Help is at hand......

Experience you own personal VIP Day.  The Tailor Made Day For You.
It will get you back on track by supporting you to work through feeling stuck, finding new ways to manage emotional overwhelm, release stress, tension and frustration, release negativity, past hurts and fears as well as leaving you with a clear plan of action and a greater sense of calm and well-being.

Just imagine what would that be like.....

Wendy is an amazing person to work with, she is so understanding, supportive and motivating and I am so grateful for all her help. Rachel

Thank you so much for yesterday, I really enjoyed the whole thing and got a lot out of it.  I was feeling stuck and fearful of the future, I now feel a lot more motivated to get stuff done.  I made some really surprising connections between my present day behaviour and my childhood.  You're really skilled and you've a lovely way about you.  Gill
Wendy is an amazing, intuitive and compassionate  practitioner.  If you need guidance or relief from any and all sorts of issues, or simply want to experience more peace in your life, I highly recommend having a session with her Adrina



After an initial phone or face to face consultation if you feel that you are ready to take action and determine a way forward by accessing all the services I offer in one go this day plan is perfect for you as it will be a bespoke service very specific to your needs.

The day will include a combination of my services suitable for your needs and we will work through a range of techniques to move you away from what you don't want and take you closer to what you do want.  We will explore your thought process, limiting beliefs, values, goals and perceptions literally 'blasting apart' in a very gentle way the limitations that are holding you back.

Having a combination of the holistic services I offer will be beneficial to you as we will work on all levels towards achieving your goals.

I offer this programme from my practice in Sutton, Surrey.  The day will begin at 10 am and work through to 4:30 pm with regular breaks taken as and when you wish throughout the day (lunch and refreshments will be provided) The bespoke day designed around your needs and aims will include resources that you can take away to use at your leisure.

Your tailor-made day will cost £549.  A small price to pay for lasting change and tools and techniques that you can use for a life time.    

  1. How were you feeling before you decided to contact me?


    Very low and flat.  I was lost and hopeless and emotionally numb/stuck



  2. What were your expectations from the services I offer?


    EFT to clear old blockages and help in working out how to move forward



  3. What results did you achieve from our work together?



    The above and more!  Although he results were subtle, they were also very deep and powerful.  I feel more present, connected and powerful in my life.


  4. How happy are you with the results from working with me?



    Extremely happy.  The day and the work exceeded my expectations



  5. If you were to recommend my services to others what would you say? 


    Wendy is not only a gifted and talented holistic practitioner, she is also really warm, likeable and trustworthy


  6. What part of the service I provided do you value the most?


    A safe place where I can be honest and true in my inner feelings, thoughts and wishes

Feedback from H  Using a combination of EFT, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Picture Tapping Technique, Positive EFT and Hypnosis


How were you feeling before you decided to contact me?


Awful, at the lowest point of my life



What were your expectations from the services I offer?


Very high expectations, it was a feeling of last chance saloon



What results did you achieve from our work together?



Released significant ‘stuff’ that had held me back my entire life


How happy are you with the results from working with me?


A few weeks on from our day, I feel like a different person, I can actually feel love and give love.  My heart is opening as I write.  I am much less fearful during confrontations and more able to talk



If you were to recommend my services to others what would you say? 


Wendy gives herself fully, she loves what she does.  She is highly skilled and has an array of techniques and resources to help in any situation; you feel safe and held when working with her.


 Deb - Shropshire




Wendy Fry LCH Dip. NLP Dip. HYP Dip. MBIH

Emotional Health, Love and Relationship Consultant