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Energy in Motion (Emo)

Energy in Motion (Emo) is effective in transforming emotional distress, pain, stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, low self-esteem, anger, bereavement, shame, guilt, sadness, procrastination etc and can also be used for performance enhancement as well as in such a way where you are increasing positive emotions.


 ''I just wanted to drop you a line to say I found yesterday’s session so helpful. I’ve woken up feeling so much more positive. I also feel more motivated today. Thank you again for your help and expertise'' - CB 

Emotional Transformation (Emo)

Many of us don’t realise that we have control over our emotions.  If you break the word emotion down to e-motion, emotions are really just ‘energy in motion’

We all respond to events, people and situations with our emotions and sometimes those emotions can make us feel fantastic and at other times in complete despair so that we either want to bury our heads in the sand or shout and fight back to the challenge with anger, frustration, impatience and the pure ‘un-justness’ of it all. We store negative energy in our system that keeps being re-triggered if we feel a similar ‘energetic experience’ and all those old emotions, feelings and energy come flooding back making the current situation far worse.

''I am so pleased with the results, I have grown so much and it has helped me ease some pain of the past'' S Caswell

Energy in Motion teaches us to get in touch with the energy of our emotions and allows us to release those emotions whether current or past pent up emotions giving us release and freedom to enjoy life so much more.

EMO is an effective tool for transforming trauma, overcoming limiting beliefs and fears and transforms ‘stuck’ energy so that we feel more resourceful and able to cope with emotions as and when they come up. 

What’s great about Emo-Trance is that it is a dual tool.  It’s possible not only to release negative emotions that cause us physical and emotional pain but also enhance the energy of positive e-motions!

''I'm feeling less tired and stressed, better at relaxing-''Mark  


Wendy Fry LCH Dip. NLP Dip. HYP Dip. MBIH
Emotional Health, Love and Relationship Consultant