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Picture Tapping Technique (PTT)

Communicating & Solving Our Problems Through Pictures


My work using The Picture Tapping Technique is featured in Septembers Natural Health Magazine 2013

Picture Tapping Technique is simple and accessible to everyone.  By using pictures to communicate your emotions PTT can be used to clear very specific problems or more general global general issues.  PTT allows you to express yourself through pictures, symbols, scribbles, metaphor, shapes, colours and imagery.  It has the ability to transform a problem into a solution, simply, often quickly and with no need to discuss the problem itself at length.

Picture Tapping Technique is a useful way of expressing what the conscious mind finds difficult to voice in words and using The Emotional Freedom Technique as part of the process of Picture Tapping works beautifully together.

I couldn’t believe how quickly Picture Tapping helped me to work through a problem.  I used to find myself listening to and doing the things that other people think are right for me and using PTT made me realise that if I continued this way that I would never really be living the life I want.  I feel like I’ve shed a huge burden of being weighed down by other people’s opinions and I can’t tell you how freeing it is just to get on with the job of being me!  Liz

The process of drawing pictures to freely express your emotions helps you to make sense of the situation and even if you feel you can’t draw, just scribbling out your thoughts and  feelings on paper and using The Emotional Freedom Technique to resolve the emotional connection with what you have drawn will allow you gentle and painless emotional release.  

Picture Tapping assists you in working out what’s going on in your mind at a deeper level simply by drawing a series of pictures and tapping on some specific energy meridian points on your own body.  Picture Tapping reveals insights into aspects of the problem and when it began so that you can move on from it.  The entire range of human experience can be expressed in the form of art.  Art is the vehicle of expression that engages both the conscious and unconscious mind making this process so easy to use.

Amazing, it’s literally blown my mind at how effective this technique is.  I didn’t have to talk about the problem at all, I literally drew out what I needed to make a decision about and hey presto and I had my answer after just a few pictures and I didn't even shed a tear which was the biggest surprise of all!  W.O 






Drawing pictures disassociates you from the problem so is effective for working through a range of issues that people might otherwise find difficult  and upsetting to talk about.  It is an especially useful technique to use if the problems began at pre-verbal age or if you have limited verbal capacity.   Many aspects of a problem can be expressed at one time in the same picture which removes you from the problem and allows you to see a more objective viewpoint which tends to reduce the emotional charge.

I was intrigued when Wendy told me about PTT and I found it amazing how my hand chose colours and drew things without me having to think about it.  Wendy’s calm and intuitive manner shone throughout the whole session and I came away feeling very positive about the future and the best way I can progress towards it. CM

PTT can be used by adults and children alike and can also be used to help people who have various health conditions, who want to find a way to manage any symptoms of poor health. Picture tapping aids to release negativity around a trauma, situation or experience and any outdated limiting beliefs are replaced with a fresh and more optimistic outlook for the future.

Wendy took me through a Picture Tapping session, and , although it felt a little strange and awkward at first ,Wendy guided me through the process, and with her easy manner I was soon able to find my feet. After this things flowed very well, and a long standing issue was soon being resolved. This issue has caused me nightmares, and has resisted other approaches,  An excellent session with an excellent Therapist! Andrew


My work using Picture Tapping Technique as been featured in August 2013 Soul & Spirit Magazine and in September 2013 Natural Health Magazine


Wendy Fry LCH Dip. NLP Dip. HYP Dip. MBIH
Emotional Health, Love and Relationship Consultant