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Future Life Progression - Don't look back, you're not going that way!
Future Life Progression is a wonderful process, it's gentle in its approach and gives you an opportunity to gain a better understanding of what might be holding you back.  It's an opportunity to let go, to learn and to feel inspired and invigorated in the present and for the future Chris 

Just imagine how looking 5, 10 or more years into the future could benefit you...think about the valuable learning you could gain from the future looking back to now. What would you change with the wisdom gained from peeking ahead?

Future Life Progression is a unique and safe way to look ahead into your future for the purpose of finding out what next steps to take in your life now. It's a positive experience that can only change your life for the better.

What would it be like to learn how to overcome the challenges you have right now? What if you knew that making a certain choice was the right choice? Is a certain job or relationship right for you? A certain house move the right move, is it the right time to make an investment?  So many questions can be answered this way.

Future life progression will give you all of these answers and more.
The future is yours to create for yourself and Future Life Progression will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom your future self gives you! 

If you could give yourself advise 10 years ago after all the challenges you have overcome in the past 5-10 years what would you say? FLP is no different to that.

One week ago I visited Wendy for a Future Life Progression, I have a keen interest in Past Life Regression but knew very little about this.  The session was relaxing and I felt quite energised afterwards.  I am setting up a business so my focus was how this would progress over the next 5 and 10 years, I found the insight I gained from this session quite invaluable.   I had many ideas regarding the direction my business would take and was becoming very confused over where I should be concentrating my energies, this session has helped me to streamline my thoughts and focus on one path.  Looking back it is now quite obvious what I should have been doing but in my confusion I just couldn’t see it.  I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for some direction in life - Rose

Sessions are available in person or via Skype for your convenience.  Why wait when the future is in your hands.....

If you would like to find out more about Future Life Progression group bookings and talks can be organised so that you as well as your friends and colleagues all benefit from this amazing technique.


I felt very comfortable working with Wendy.  She is very talented and I was amazed about her intuitive approach.  Many thanks for this powerful experience - SR

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Having been asked by Wendy if I'd like to experience Future Life Progression, I have to say I was blown away by the clarity the outcomes the process facilitated. Wendy took me on a wonderful tour of my future life and key moments that lie ahead.  A compelling future lay before me which both motivated me and inspired me and left me with wonderful insights into future possibilities along with raising questions about how to bridge the gap from where I am to where my future appears to be.  As a coach I really identified with the emotions and feeling the process elicited and know that many would benefit from stepping into the future in the way this process provides - Stefan Powell



FLP therapy was an absolute delight! It’s difficult to describe in words the potential I can now see within myself which without Wendy’s guidance I may never have been woken up to.  Wendy’s genuine passion to help others reach their full potential makes for an exceptionally rewarding experience - K Thomas

My work featuring FLP has been featured in June 2013 Natural Health Magazine & Soul and Spirit Magazine

There are several different ways of using Future life progression and the choice is yours:

If you have a specific problem that you wish to solve/find the way forward with we can work on that taking you to Future Life   Progression 5 and 10 year point to find the answers.  

It’s also possible to go to Alternate Futures so if you have a decision to make we can take you through several different options/choices by way of going through different ‘doors’ in your mind.   

Alternative Lifetimes
is another way of working-going beyond your life now into your future life to seek advice and wisdom if you wish to.  I’m happy to work through as many options as you are comfortable with/guided to explore during your appoint time.   

Sometimes clients do not have direct questions they just want a general overview of where they will be in 5-10 years time and what life will be like then- I ask open questions to the client based around general themes assisting them in finding out more about the life they will be living in the future and using their knowledge and wisdom from this point to advise them in their current lifetimes of any actions and changes that they might decide to make to allow the future of their dreams to be bought to them more quickly.  

"Wendy is highly skilled at Future Life Progression. In our session Wendy guided me to visualise my ideal business direction with stunning clarity. Its incredibly hard to lose focus once the experience has been that 'real' and has implanted a memory-snapshot of the future, anchoring all five senses. I began the session with vague hopes and a lot of confusion, and left the session with scintillating, inspiring 'certainties' and real focus. My faith in my direction has skyrocketed. Thank you Wendy!"  - Cheryl


I’ve recently used FLP for the following questions posed by clients:


What line of work/career should I be in
Will I cope if I have children/will my partner help out
Will I get married
Should I work on products or services
What are the names of my products
Will I meet anyone
Should I take this business venture/opportunity
Will my business be successful
Where will I be living 

I have the privilege of being featured in Autumn 2014 Future life Progression Journal as Star Practitioner.  Thank you Anne Jirsch for your excellent training which allows me to do the work that I love


Wendy Fry LCH Dip. NLP Dip. HYP Dip. MBIH
Emotional Health, Love and Relationship Consultant